Yuhuan Pacific Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1997. It is located in the eastern part of Zhejiang and South China, and is building a garden port city in the east of Yuhuan County. It is one of the earliest specialized manufacturing enterprises engaged in polishing machinery and supporting environmental protection dust removal, air purification equipment design, manufacture and installation.



The floor area of the company's production workshop is about 45333m', of which the big half of the jade broken stone inkstone Co., Ltd. covers an area of 25333m', the subsidiary of Anhui justice grinding Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. covers an area of 20000m', and in 2008, it established the Ningbo lira import and Export Co., Ltd. to operate the import and export trade business. The production equipment used in polishing equipment, dust removal equipment and air purification equipment, including car, milling, boring, cutting, dismantling, welding, cutting, phosphating and automatic spray production lines.


Scientific and technological innovation, service society

The company has developed and developed a large number of dust and gas purification equipment which meet the national environmental requirements in accordance with scientific and technological innovation and service to the management concept of the society. It has developed and developed a large number of dust and gas purification equipment which meet the requirements of the national environmental protection. It provides a complete set of equipment for the production enterprises of casting, polishing, smelting and grinding. 150 patents of the company's products, including 45 invention patents, are members of the Zhejiang Environmental Protection Industry Association, which have been awarded by Zhejiang province and Taizhou as the honorary title of Zhejiang Province patent demonstration enterprise, Zhejiang provincial science and technology type small and medium enterprise, Taizhou city high technology enterprise, Taizhou city high technology research and development center and so on.


     The company "justice" brand products, the integration of the social "dedication" and the "dedication to the customer" double responsibility, the most advanced technology, the most professional design, the most mature products and the most perfect service to the user. We are constantly challenging ourselves. We are willing to discuss cooperation with our counterparts at home and abroad, and hope that friends from all walks of life will put forward valuable suggestions and suggestions. In the great wave of reform, we dedicate our strength to the civilization and development of mankind and society.

Company profile

Reliable performance and good service

The main products are: manual, semi-automatic, automatic new series polishing machine, complete set of dust removal equipment, air purification equipment and export, grinding tools, abrasive, R & D and so on. With its unique design concept, the R & D team set up by the company can customize various types of products according to the needs of different customers. The company's products have won high praise from the customers with reliable performance and high quality service. The product sales network is all over the country.